Friday, January 28, 2011

A quick note about my experience of New York Gyms

My first gym class in New York was a bit of an eye-opener for me.  Not only was I the tallest in the class by about 5 inches, I was also the biggest by about 2 dress sizes!  Now, I'm 5"8 and a UK size 12, so not a giant or anything, but I felt like one in this class. 

Also, they dress very well at the gym, no old tee shirts and leggings in Manhattan!  After my first class I went straight out and stocked up on some new gym gear ready for my next session.  I don't want to put you off or anything I just wanted to warn you that people make an effort when they work out here. 

Luckily, after going to a few different classes and exercising in the main gym I have found lots of normal sized people as well-thank goodness! Although, they dress very well too.....


  1. that's why you need to go to lululemon, my fave :)

  2. I have just had a look online and there is one at Union Square where I am going tomorrow so I will have a look!

  3. Hi i am new to your the way you are highlighting things in comparison to your own city. I myself , always thought that wearing an old tee for a gym was the most comfy thing. but looks like NY is all decked up, even in the gym!!

  4. Thank you for checking out my blog, I'm glad you are enjoying it. Yep, the New York gym scene does take a bit of getting used to!