Monday, January 31, 2011

Take-out, Takeaways and Meal Deliveries

Although New York is full of restaurants you can't be expected to eat out every night!  For those nights when you want to stay indoors and don't feel like cooking in your tiny kitchen (ours is so small that when you open the fridge door it almost hits the oven opposite!), you can get almost any cuisine delivered straight to your door.

The best way to find out who delivers in your area is to visit  This is a great website that lists all of the restaurants and deli's that deliver to you address, along with menu's and details of special offers.  You can order online, choosing your preferred time slot, and pay either by credit card or by cash on delivery.  SeamlessWeb then instantly places the order with your chosen restaurant. 

It is a really quick and simple way to order food and I would recommend giving their website a try!

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