Monday, March 7, 2011

Blockbuster Express

One of the great things about living in NYC is how convenient it is, everything you need is either at your fingertips or on your doorstep. 

On a day like yesterday, when it didn't stop raining, I didn't feel like venturing out far so decided I would rent some movies, get a pizza and chill out!  I rent my DVD's from the 'Blockbuster Express' kiosk's which are located in supermarkets and drug stores across the city.  They are really cheap and easy to use, with each DVD only costing a $1 per night. 

They have quite a good range of movies to choose from and stock new releases as well as older films.  You can check online before you go to see what movies they have at each kiosk and if they are available to rent.  It is possible to reserve and pay for your movies online and just collect them from your chosen location, or you can pop in and rent a movie using your credit card. 

To find your nearest kiosk and for more information visit

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