Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facials at Mario Badescu

Looking after your skin in very important, especially when living in a city where the weather can be very cold and dry.  There are an abundance of spa's in New York, most of which offer some sort of facial treatment.  I really didn't know where to go for a facial, so I had a look on the internet.  Mario Badescu kept coming up as the best place to get a facial in the city, and at $65 I thought they were worth a try.  The website includes many celebrity testimonials and reviews so I was very optimistic when I booked.

The building in which Mario Badescu is housed doesn't look much like a spa from the outside and you have to follow the signs through the building to find the reception.  When I arrived there were only a couple of people in the waiting area, but by the time I was due for my appointment there were about 20 women squashed in the tiny room.  They then call your name and take you to your treatment room with your therapist.  The treatment room was very small with walls as thin as paper, I could hear everything going on around me, the therapists chatting with each other, doors banging, it was not very relaxing!

The facial itself was very basic and the therapist spent more time out of the room than she did in it.  She put a mask on and left me for 10 minutes, came back, put another mask on and left again.  She moisturised my hands and put them in heated gloves for the duration of the treatment which was nice, but I felt as if I was left in room with a mask on for 45 minutes.  I think that the therapists treat more than one client at a time to maximise their turnover.

The therapist was in the room long enough to insult me though!  She said that my eyebrows were awful, too low on my face and made me look sad!  She offered to 'fix' them for $35 and her suggestion was to pluck them and add height with a pencil-I was not convinced so politely declined her kind offer!  Just for the record my eyebrows are fine and don't need plucking to within a inch of their life.

However, that said, my skin did look and feel great after the facial so the products must be good.  They gave me some generous samples which I have used and really like.  Their products are very reasonable and I might use them again in the future, but I won't be rushing back for a facial anytime soon.

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