Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Time Warner Centre at Columbus Circle

The Time Warner Centre is a great looking building located at Columbus Circle and 59th Street.  It is home to numerous shops, bars and restaurants as well as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the 'Jazz at the Lincoln Centre' theatre.  Many businesses are located within the building and it is the headquarters of 'Time Warner World', the cable company.

The shopping and dining areas are located on the first few floors of the building.  It isn't a very big shopping centre, more of a mini mall, but they do have about 50 stores, including Armani Exchange, Borders, Sephora, J Crew and Bebe.  It isn't overwhelming like some giant malls and is a good place to window shop, especially in bad weather!

In the basement they have a 'Wholefoods Market' which is my favourite supermarket for fresh and healthy produce.  They have a great selection of fruit, vegetables and meat as well as one of the best hot and cold buffet bars I have found in the city.  You can't get many named brands here though, so you will have to go to another store to get your other groceries. 

There are lots of famous restaurants in the Time Warner Centre including Per Se and Masa.  I haven't eaten in either of these restaurants as it is almost impossible to get a reservation and they are super expensive.  Masa is $500 per head (that isn't a typo!), making it the most expensive restaurant in New York (and probably the world!)  I have tried A Voce, a lovely Italian restaurant (review coming shortly), and the Bouchon Bakery which is a great Parisian style cafe.

The Time Warner Centre is definitely worth a look and is a great place to spend a few hours, either shopping, eating or both!  For more information visit

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