Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Z Club NY

ZClubNY offers Zumba classes at two locations in Manhattan, one on East 57th Street and one on West 19th Street.  They have classes every morning, lunchtime and evening, so there is a time to suit everybody.  They also offer an Aqua Zumba class, which is a first for NYC!  I have yet to try it but I hear it's a great workout and fun too.  It is especially good for those with injuries that prevent them joining in with regular classes as the water takes the pressure off of weak muscles and joints.

ZClubNY has a variety of instructors, each offering different routines and dance styles.  I have tried classes with three different instructors so far and have really enjoyed each workout.  All of instructors are very approachable and friendly, making everyone feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the class.  They make you feel like you can dance as if no one is watching!

Class sizes are not too big, which is great as you actually have the space to dance and move around rather than tripping over people or treading on toes. 

Single classes start at $20 and new comers can take advantage of the two classes for $30 deal.  Also, as they are a new company, they are offering free Zumba classes in order to showcase their instructors.  For more information, details of free classes and regular schedules visit http://zclubny.com/.

I always have a great time at Zumba dance classes and burn loads of calories in the process.  You are so busy learning the routines and having fun that you almost forget you are working out. 
I hope to see you in a class soon!

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  1. I absolutely love Zumba too! It burns loads of calories and I have a great time too.