Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'9' Restaurant Review-A Big Thumbs Down

Last night for dinner we tried the '9' restaurant located at 800 9th Avenue in Hells Kitchen.  It looked really trendy from the outside and the menu looked good so we thought we would give it a try. 

The first thing we noticed was how expensive the wine menu was.  It was quite limited and very over-priced, there was not a full bottle of wine available for under $50. We then looked over the food menu and opted for the $35 set meal which consisted of a soup or salad to start followed by their prime rib dish which they told us was excellent.  We also ordered a side dish of brussel sprouts.

Our starter of lobster and butternut squash chowder arrived quite quickly and tasted alright.  The portion size was small and it was luke warm, but we ate it without the complaint.  We then waited 30 minutes for our main course which was surprising as the restaurant was half empty.  When the food did arrive it looked like a slab of uncooked flesh thrown on a plate with the tiniest serving of mashed potato I have ever seen.  We then waited for our side dish which never came, even after we reminded the waiter.  The food was disgusting, it was cold and the meat was fatty.  It was burnt on the outside and rare in the middle and tasted awful.  The waiter did not seemed surprised that we left the food untouched and took our plates away without comment.

Not only was this meal awful, it was far too expensive and we felt really ripped off paying just under a $100 for a less than average meal.  The service was about as good as the food and it is safe to say that we will never be going back.  I would not recommend this place to anyone.  We stopped off for a burger on the way home which was much nicer and cheaper at $8!

I'm only including the website so you can make sure that you don't go there by mistake as there are lots of other (much better!) restaurants around there that have similar names. http://www.http//www.9restaurantnyc.com/home.html

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