Monday, May 30, 2011

The Great Washing Machine Shortage

One of the things that amazes about New York living is the fact that hardly anyone has a washing machine in their apartment.  Not only that, it is considered a luxury to have washing and drying facilities in an apartment building.  This was new for me as in England almost all homes have their own washing facilities. 

If you live somewhere without any washing facilities you have two choices, you can visit your local laundrette, (they call them Laundromat's here) or take your washing to a dry cleaners where they will wash and dry everything for you.  They tumble dry everything over here, so make sure to take out any clothes that are delicate or may shrink.

When I first arrived here I found it very odd that I had to take my laundry down to the basement to get it washed.  As everyone in the building needs to use the same facilities you can't put a wash on and go out, or put a wash on overnight.  Now I don't think much about it and count myself lucky to be able to wash my clothes without leaving the building!

I don't believe it's like this across the rest of America, or even in the rest of New York State, it seems just to be a problem here in the city.  What I find even more unusual is the fact that most apartments have full size dishwashers, even though the kitchens here are tiny!

So, if you are moving to New York and looking for an apartment, make sure you ask about laundry facilities as washing your clothes might not be as easy as you think!

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