Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'New York Sports Club' Gyms

I have recently joined a new gym as we have moved a bit too far from 'Club H' and I was finding excuses not to go as I had to walk over 20 blocks or get the subway!  I was also finding it costly paying $20 for each Zumba class I was taking so I thought I would join a gym that was near by and offered the classes I like.

I looked at many gyms in the area and decided to join the 'New York Sports Club' as they offered all of the classes I wanted, were within walking distance and I didn't have to sell a limb to pay for the membership.  They have loads of locations across the city and for $89 a month you can use them all.  It's great for me as I have access to all of the different classes and schedules they offer at each club.

The changing facilities and overall look of the gym aren't as nice as some of the others in the area, but they are more than adequate for what I want.  The cardio classes are good, I go to the zumba, cardio kick box and step and always get a great workout.  It is quite busy though and you have to book in advance for some classes.

However, I have found that some members don't really understand gym etiquette.  People often run late for classes, which is disruptive although not a huge problem, but they always seem to push in front rather than go to the back to find a space.  Also, some of the senior members are very territorial when it comes to where they workout and can be rude if you are in 'their space'.  The majority of people are friendly though and I never let people like that put me off!

Overall, I do like the NYSC gyms and am enjoying exercising there.  For more information visit their website at http://www.mysportsclubs.com/regions/nysc.htm.

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