Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feeling Far Away

Moving away from family and friends can be hard at the best of times, but when something bad is happening in your home country you realise just how far you are from them.

After the awful events that have taken place across London over the past 3 nights I am worrying about my family and friends that live close by to the areas affected by the riots. Although anxious and apprehensive, everyone I know is fine and just hoping the situation gets resolved soon.

I am especially thankful for the internet at the moment as I can chat to people online as well as keep up to date with events on the 'BBC News' website. News coverage of events outside of the US can sometimes be limited here, so it is a good way to find out what is happening.

Let's hope for a much quieter night tonight. Stay safe everyone. x


  1. It is horrible and totally senseless, and very worrying, my family are mostly in south london and my brother in law sent home tonight early cos of the riots . news here is very biased and unfair ... feeling sooo helpless in sooo many ways!
    I have subscribed to a monthly thing that lets you access brit tv..... http://vpnuk.net/ only about $11 a month..... am on facebook at Josie stewart if you would like to get in touch

  2. Hi Josie,

    Thank you for comment, I really appreciate it. It is awful being so far away and feeling so helpless. I just hope that we have seen the last of it. Thank you for the Brit TV link, I'm going to have a look at that now.

    I hope all of your family and friends are OK and that London (and the rest of the UK) are alright tonight.

    NGINY xx