Monday, August 22, 2011

'Fuerza Bruta'- Look Up!

We recently went to see the show 'Fuerza Bruta' which is playing at the Daryl Roth Theatre by Union Square. I received a special offer via email and got tickets for $35 each. There are often special offers online, so it's worth checking out before going to the box office.

This show is unlike anything else I have seen in New York and is very different from other Broadway/Off-Broadway performances. Firstly, you stand the entire time and audience participation is required as you are moved around the theatre during the show.

When you first enter the theatre everyone stands in the middle of the room where there is a DJ playing dance music. It reminded me of a nightclub and lots of people were dancing-it was a really good atmosphere.

I don't want to give away too much, but expect aerial acrobatics, live music, dancing, water, wind and lots of fun! The show is only 70 minutes long but it is full of surprises and you will want to keep on dancing long after the performance is over.

We had a great time and I would definitely recommend it for those of you looking for something a bit different. For more information and to purchase tickets visit

If you do get the opportunity to go I hope you have a great time and don't forget to 'Look Up!'

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