Monday, September 26, 2011

Crafts on Columbus 2011

When I was on my way to the gym on Saturday I noticed that there was a market of some sort running from 77th to 81st street on Columbus Avenue.  On my way back I checked it out to find it was the annual 'Crafts on Columbus' market which takes place every Saturday and Sunday until the 16th of October.

They had a wide variety of stalls selling all sorts of crafts.  There was a great stand selling amazing clutch bags made from all different materials including glass and metals.  I saw some unusual bracelets made from old typewriter keys and some great leather cuffs.  One stand was selling tee shirts with various pictures of New York printed on them.  I want to go back next week and get one as I think the images used are very interesting and depict the city in an unusual way.

There were independent designers selling clothes, as well as many jewelry, handbag and hat stalls.  I really liked the clock stand at the start of the market at 81st Street, they sell original hand-made pieces.   I bought some lovely smelling soaps from a company called 'Copa Soaps' and want to go back this weekend for another look.  Hope to see you there!

The website doesn't provide that much information, but you can check it out at

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