Thursday, September 15, 2011

The High Line

The High Line is an old railroad track that runs above the streets of the west side of Manhattan from the Meatpacking district to 34th street.  Trains haven't run on the lines since 1980, and it 1999 it opened as a public park.

I have wanted to walk the High Line for a long time and we finally got around to going last weekend.  The idea of walking on an old railroad track above the streets of Manhattan really appealed to me and I was looking forward to seeing a different view of the city.

We started our walk at the Gansevoort Street entrance and headed uptown.  It was a great feeling to be walking above the city and watch the craziness of below in relative calm.  Although not an obvious choice for a park, they have made a great deal of effort in making it feel like one.  The old train tracks are lined with trees, plants and flowers, and there are lots of places to sit and relax.   There are various food stands and art stalls along the High Line as well as some interesting sculptures.

However, it did used to be a train line and can get narrow at some points during the walk.  It was very busy when we went and at times I felt as if I just shuffling along in a big group rather than enjoying a walk.  It did become quite frustrating when people seemed oblivious to those around them walking side-by-side in a large group blocking the entire path!

I did enjoy my walk on the High Line and would go back, but not at the weekend.  I think it would be much more pleasurable in the evening or duing the week when it wasn't as crowded.  Having said that, I would recommend a visit as the views and experience are worth the trip.

For more information on opening times and how to get to the High Line visit

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