Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 Free activities in New York City

Living in New York City can be very expensive and I don't always want to spend money on activities.  Here are some great things you can do in the city absolutely free!

1.  Visit one of New York's many public parks
Although Central Park is a great place to visit, there are many other parks in NYC that are well worth a trip.  There are so many great parks to visit I could write a whole piece on them alone, but some of my favorites are Bryant Park, Riverside Park, The Highline and Prospect Park.  Public parks often have free activities available year round for all ages.  Visit http://www.nycgovparks.org/index.php for more information.

2.  Go to a live taping of your favourite TV show
There are many TV shows filmed in NYC every day, some of which offer free tickets to be part of the audience.  I had great fun watching a live taping of the Jeremy Kyle show.  Although it may be tricky getting tickets for the more famous shows, such as Letterman, you can almost always get a ticket for something.  Check out http://www.nycgo.com/tv-show-tapings/ for details of shows offering free tickets to tapings and how to get them.

3.  Visit a Museum or Gallery
Many of NYC's top attractions offer free or discounted entry if you know when to go.  Here are some of suggestions:
-MOMA-every Friday between 4-8pm entry to the Museum of Modern Art is free.
-The New York Botanical Gardens-Free entry to the grounds every Wednesday and from 10am-11am on Saturdays.
-The Morgan Library-Free entry 7-9pm every Friday
Most places also have a day or time slot where entry is by donation so you can pay what you can afford.  Visit http://gonyc.about.com/cs/museums/a/museumdeals.htm for more information.

4.  Go to a concert or show
Although the Summer is the best time to catch a free show or concert in NYC, it's still worth keeping an eye out for events in the city.  Bryant Park's tree lighting ceremony takes place on 29th November and features live music and skating performances.  Also, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will feature many performances by various pop stars and Broadway Shows.

5.  Watch a movie or TV show being made on location in NYC
Movies and TV shows are often shot on location in New York City and it can be great fun watching a live shoot.  Unless you are lucky enough to stumble across a live set whilst walking around the city it could be quite difficult finding something interesting to watch.  However, there is a great website called http://www.onlocationvacations.com/ which lists the majority of upcoming filming taking place in NYC.

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  1. Hi, these are great tips! I'll be coming to visit New York soon and i'd love to see a TV taping or movie shoot - thanks for including the links.