Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday New Girl in New York!

Today is the first anniversary of 'New Girl in New York'!  I can't believe I have been writing this blog for a year now, it has gone so quickly and I have had some amazing experiences.

I feel I have learnt a lot about New York over the past year, but there is still so much more I want to see and do.  I have heard that it takes 10 years to be considered a real New Yorker, so I guess I can still call myself a New Girl for a while yet!

Blogging has given me some amazing opportunities, I have been lucky enough to write an article for a magazine, given interviews for websites (more information to follow!) and met some great people online.  I have been very lucky!

Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to read my posts and follow my blog.  I know there are lots of people writing out there and I really appreciate you checking out mine.  Thank you to those who leave comments or email me directly, I love your feedback and am always happy answer questions if I can.  

I hope that you continue to read and enjoy my blog over the next year and I'm looking forward to sharing my New York experiences with you!


  1. Congratulations and happy birthday, New Girl! Your blog is a great insight and it keeps me on the right path to hopefully one day achieving my goal of becoming a New Yorker too. All the best for the future

  2. Thank you Jonathan and I hope you get out to New York soon!

  3. It all comes down to jobs, securing the crucial visa sponsorship, and finishing my PhD on time. Good things come to those who wait though, right? Until then, your updates are as close as I can get!

  4. Well good luck and I hope you reach your goal of becoming a New Yorker soon!