Monday, January 9, 2012

Jones Wood Foundry-English pub in NYC Restaurant Review

Jones Wood Foundry is an English style pub located on the Upper East Side.  It had been recommended to me as having great English food in a traditional setting, so I thought it was about time we paid it a visit.

As you enter, there is a pub style bar running the length of the room, which looked really authentic and cosy.  The restaurant is located in a separate room at the end of the bar and again was very reminiscent of an English pub back home.  It was quite darkly lit considering in was lunch time, but there was a nice atmosphere with a mix of locals and Brits.

The menu looked great and it took us a while to decide what to order.  In the end I opted for fish and chips, and my hubby went for the traditional Sunday lamb roast.  They had a good selection of British beers, both bottled and draft, so hubby enjoyed a London Pride whilst waiting for our food.

When the food arrived it looked appetizing, although the portions were fairly small.  My fish and chips were nice, but I can't rave about the dish as it was very ordinary.  The roast was the most disappointing with fattier than usual lamb and only two tiny roast potatoes.  As my husband was still hungry we decided to have a pudding (I was just being greedy ;-) and both went for the strawberry pavlova, which we enjoyed.

I thought it was quite expensive considering the portion sizes and standard of food.  It was fine, but in no way outstanding or worth the money.

I was quite disappointed with my overall experience at Jones Wood Foundry as it had received some great reviews.  I was expecting to feel like I had been transported to an English pub, but unfortunately the food didn't live up to the great surroundings.  However, we only tried a couple of items on the menu so may give it another go in the future, perhaps the dinner menu will be more authentic.

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