Thursday, February 23, 2012

Great East Japan Earthquake Commemoration Free Concert

It has been a year since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami devastated the country, and The Japan Foundation are commemorating the event with a worldwide series of free concerts.  These concerts are to give thanks from the Japanese people to the rest of the world for all the help and support they provided after the disaster.  It is also to show how those affected are rebuilding their lives with the help and support of the global community.

The musical concert features a variety of Japanese artists including 'Ondekoza', who play giant taiko drums, and 'Wakumizu Kagura', a folk group who are actually from the area affected by the disaster.

The New York performance of "Overcoming the Disaster: Gratitude from Japan to the World" takes place on Tuesday 6th March at 7.30pm in the Rose Theater at Columbus Circle.  Tickets to the event are absolutely free and can be ordered online or collected at the theatre box office.

For more information about the concert, the artists performing and to get tickets visit

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