Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The London Candy Company in NYC

One of the things I sometimes miss about living in the UK is the chocolate.  There are certain sweet treats that you can't get over here or the US versions don't quite taste the same.  When a friend told me about 'London Candy Company' I was keen to pay it a visit.

The store is located on the Upper East Side at 94th and Lexington and is owned by British expats.  They have an excellent selection of British chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps, hot drinks and various other yummy products.  They stocked loads of the chocolates I had been missing, and although not good for the diet, I enjoyed picking out some of my favorites.

However, be prepared to pay significantly more for these products than you would at home.  Full size bars were about $2.25 and you are looking at $15 for a bag of fun sizes.  I only bought a few items because of this, but at least it means I won't be stuffing my face with too much chocolate!

I really like 'The London Candy Company' and will definitely go back when my sweet tooth gets another craving.  For more information visit their website at http://thelondoncandycompany.com/.

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