Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'Rent' Off Broadway

I first saw the musical 'Rent' in London over 10 years ago and thought it was great.  When I heard that it was making a revival Off Broadway I really wanted to see it again.  Luckily I got a good deal through and got tickets for $40 each.

The show is playing at the New World Stages in Midtown West.  It is quite a small theatre, which I prefer, and we had fantastic seats in the orchestra section.  I don't know much about production, but I liked the set.  It was on two levels with lots of ladders and stairs that the cast climbed up on and in-between.  I thought the cast were brilliant too, especially Roger (Justin Johnston), Mimi (Ariandra Fernandez) and Angel (Xavier Cano).

If you don't know the story of 'Rent' prepare yourself for quite an intense ride!  It is about HIV, AIDS, homelessness, drug abuse and sexuality in the early 1990's in NYC.  Although the subject matter is serious there are lots of fun scenes.  It is a very moving and thought provoking show with great music and routines.  I love some of the songs in the show and haven't been able to get them out of head all week.

I think 'Rent' is great and the show hasn't dated even though it has been running for more than 15 years.  I wouldn't recommend taking children as the subject matter might be inappropriate for them, but otherwise go and see it!

For more information and to get tickets visit  Also, check out as you can tickets for $60 at the moment.

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