Sunday, March 4, 2012

Energy Kitchen

I have been on a health kick since the beginning of the year and in addition to my exercise routine I have really been watching what I eat.  I have gone down the calorie counting route, which is working well so far, but does mean that it can be tricky to eat out.

New York has an abundance of restaurants, but I have found it quite difficult to find healthy places to eat.  When searching online I came across the website for 'Energy Kitchen', where nothing on the menu is over 500 calories and everything is either baked, steamed or grilled.  There are quite a few locations across the city, so I found the one closest to me and headed there for lunch.

The 'Energy Kitchen' is similar to a fast food restaurant where you order at the counter and they call your name when the food is ready.  However, it was very clean and the staff were very friendly and helpful.  They have an array of healthy burgers, wraps, salads, entrees and sides to choose from on the menu.  I opted for the 'Buffalo Chicken Burger' with two sides, baked fries and a corn and edamame salad.  All of this was $9.99 and just over 500 calories-a bargain for both my calorie and bank account!

The food was extremely flavourful and I very much enjoyed my meal.  It was both tasty and filling and I felt as if I had had a real treat.  The burger was just as good as a regular chicken burger, and the chips and salad were lovely.  If you want something sweet afterwards they offer low fat frozen yogurt for under 150 calories per serving.

The 'Energy Kitchen' isn't somewhere you would for a nice meal out, but it a great place for lunch or to grab something to eat before heading out for the evening.  They also deliver, which is great if you fancy take out but don't want to eat anything unhealthy.

I have been back to the 'Energy Kitchen' twice since my first visit and will definitely be going back again soon!  For more information on the menu and to find a located near you visit

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