Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Churchill Pub-Restaurant Review

I found out about The Churchill Pub when they started following me on Twitter and after researching them online I thought would try this 'traditional English pub' for lunch.  The pub has only been open a few months and is located on E 28th Street between Madison and Park Avenue.

I went for a late lunch on a Friday and the pub was fairly quiet which meant it was easy to get a table.  I was impressed with the layout and decor of the place, it looked very much like a British pub.  The menu consisted of typical English fare and during the week they offer lunch specials which include a soup or a salad to start.  They have an array of sandwiches for $10 or if you want something more substantial like sausage and mash or pie and chips it's $15.

I chose to have a salad followed by a cheese and Branston pickle sandwich.  My friend went for the streak pie and chips.  My salad came out pretty quickly and was fine but a bit salty.  However, we then waited over half an hour for the rest of our lunch, which isn't great if you have to get back to work or are hungry!

When our food did eventually arrive mine was less than impressive.  It was 3 slices of toast consisting of one very thin layer of cheddar cheese and one extremely thick layer of Branston pickle.  I love pickle but even I couldn't eat that much of the stuff.  It made me wonder who was cooking the food, as based on what I was served I doubt they have ever eaten an English cheese and pickle sandwich.

However, my friend's steak pie and chips was delicious.  The crust wasn't soggy and the meat was tender and of good quality.  The chips tasted authentic and luckily my friend was willing to share, otherwise I would have left hungry.

Before I left I made a quick trip to loo where they play Winston Churchill speeches into the stalls.  I'm not sure if I found that creepy or funny, but it was a talking point when I returned to the table!

I wouldn't rush back to The Churchill, but I might give it another go if I'm in the area in the future.  Some of the other dishes I saw looked great, so maybe I was just unlucky that day.

Their website ( doesn't offer much information, so I would visit to get a better idea of the menus available and overview of the restaurant.

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