Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anthony Leonard Hair Salon

It took me ages to find a decent hairdresser when I fist arrived in NYC.  I tried some of the well-known salons, but wasn't happy with the end result nor did I enjoy the experience.  I was really unhappy with the colour (I get highlights) and the condition of my hair. The extreme weather here, cold and dry in the winter and hot and humid in the summer, was really taking it's toll.

When I saw that 'Gilt City' were running a deal for the 'Anthony Leonard Salon' about a year ago I thought I would give them a try.  The salon is located on 54th Street and Madison, and although the building doesn't look great, don't let it put you off as it is lovely inside.

I received a warm welcome when I arrived and was made to feel comfortable straight away.  I was taken over to meet my colour artist, Jane, who was so friendly that I felt as if I had been coming to the salon for years.  She listened to how unhappy I was with the current state of my hair and called over my  stylist, Tiffany, so we could come up with a plan of action.  Tiffany was just as lovely as Jane, and between them they came up with the best way to treat my hair so I would be happy with the end result.  They worked their magic for 3 hours and I left with an amazing colour and fantastic hair cut.  I was so thrilled with the results that I have been going there ever since.

What I love about this place is the atmosphere throughout the salon.  The staff aren't bitchy and you don't feel that anyone is whispering about you while you are in the chair.  Everyone says hello and ensures that you have a positive experience every time you visit.

I have found that decent salons are expensive in New York, and this salon is no exception, although is is cheaper than the others I have tried.  I try to think of it as an investment, you wear your hair everyday and everyone can see it, so it's worth going to the best place you can afford.

I would definitely recommend the Anthony Leonard Salon, so if you are looking for a decent hair dresser in the city give them a try.  For more information visit

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