Monday, July 16, 2012

Terrible subway experience!

I had a really horrible experience on the subway last Friday morning.  I was on the C train going downtown and a homeless woman got on and started talking to the whole carriage.  For those who use the subway regularly, you will know that it is a common occurrence to come across beggars on the train.

This woman made a speech informing us that she was homeless and living on the streets and wanted money.  Normally at this the point, the person will walk through the carriage hoping someone will give them something.  However, this woman was very aggressive and was addressing each person on the carriage individually, touching them or getting very close to their faces.

When she reached me I was playing with my phone, which she pushed to get my attention.  She said "have you got any money" to which I replied "No, I'm sorry I don't have anything today".  I thought she would walk away but instead she swore at me and spat all over me!  I was in complete shock and completely disgusted!  She had spat all over my bag and my clothes and I really didn't know what to do.

As she continued through the carriage I heard her spit on someone else and then saw her get off at the next stop.  No one did or said anything, a few people looked at me in disbelief and some horrible tourists thought it was funny.

I didn't say anything as I thought she would become even more aggressive if I approached her, so I cleaned myself up the best I could and sat feeling sorry for myself until it was my stop.  As soon as I got to my destination I disinfected myself as I felt so dirty.

I have heard many subway horror stories, but this was the first time anything like this has happened to me.  Throughout my time in New York I have often been approached by people asking for money, but I have never been attacked for not giving anything.  I will be more cautious in the future, but I think I will be sticking to cabs for a while!


  1. Dear New Girl in New York,

    I just read your post about the West Side Homeless Spitter on the downtown C train. Please don't take it personally--she is a regular, menacing presence on the downtown C train. In fact, I just saw her this morning (August 15th), and she spat on two young women sitting right next to me. I got up and walked briskly to the other end of the train car; luckily, she didn't follow me. She is a public health hazard. If I see her again, and by some stroke of luck, also see a police officer, I will report her and I suggest you do the same. She should be arrested.

    -Anonymous commuter

  2. I am so sorry I was reading your post and scrolling down and think I marked it as cool by mistake... I don't think its cool at all.. Really awful sorry you experienced that

  3. I have had quite a lot of feedback about this post, it seems that quite a few people have had the unpleasant experience of this woman which is unfortunate.

    I hope I don't see her again!

  4. I had the same thing happen to me around a year ago, and though it was a long time ago, the memory is still haunting and terrifying. I'm sure it's the same woman. I have not seen her since. I was riding the c train too. Hope to never encounter her again. Won't be riding the C train for quite a while.