Thursday, August 9, 2012

'Internations' Expat Website

One of the great things about writing this blog is when I am contacted to write an article or interview about living in New York.  I was recently contacted by a website called 'Internations' to complete an interview about relocating and I was very excited to be featured on their New York pages.

'Internations' is a website for expats all over the world.  Each city has their own area on the website providing local information and help with relocation.  They also organise local events to help you meet expats in your area.  I haven't been to anything yet, but they have had some really fun looking events.

You have to be a member to access the website, but its free and they don't bombard you with emails or messages.  It seems to work like other social networking sites where you can look at peoples profiles and add them as friends.

For more information to check out my interview visit their website at


  1. Just discovered your blog! Looks very promissing;) ive been living in Nyc twice actually and its been anunforgettable im living in brussels belgium.if youd like, feel free to check out my blog about all things belgian and important or not to me;)

  2. InterNations is not a great group. It's usually a bit boring and business like while other free groups on facebook are more fun. With InterNations never sign up for paid membership as the benefits are minimal and they keep taking payments on a yearly basis and it's very difficult to cancel. When you contact them to cancel even on the day of payment they are not interested and force you to take another years membership that you dont need. So generally stay clear, dont take paid membership and keep an eye out for other more fun groups.

    1. I had the same problem as Anonymous, above. I wasn't impressed with the group. Then, when we moved to another state, I downgraded my membership in April 2014 and didn't use the site or my membership again. Nevertheless, InterNations billed me (over $65) in January 2015 as if I'd never downgraded the account. When I contacted them in 2015 -- within 24 hours of them billing me by mistake -- they insisted I was still a paid member and had never downgraded the account. (That response was a form letter, indicating they deal with many unhappy people like me and Anonymous, above.) I'm disputing the charges at my bank, and wish I'd never given InterNations my credit card information.