Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sunday Night in the Financial District

It is extremely busy living in the Financial District.  During the week it is full of office workers and tourists visiting famous sights and landmarks.  At the weekend it is slightly quieter, but the tourists still come in droves.  However, on Sunday nights the area is almost deserted and it is my favourite night of the week in the Financial District.

It can become quite frustrating living in such a busy area.  It takes ages to walk anywhere, people stop suddenly in front of you or take up the entire pavement so you end up walking in the road.  That said, on Sunday evenings I can walk freely on the streets and really look at the amazing architecture that I am normally to busy to notice.  Now is the time to have your picture taken outside the New York Stock Exchange or with the famous Wall Street Bull.  

There are many great restaurants in the area and on Sundays you can always get a table without waiting or being squashed into a tiny space.  There are still enough people about to create an good atmosphere, but it has a much more relaxed and peaceful feel.  

If you haven't ventured down to the Financial District I would recommend visiting on a Sunday evening, although don't tell too many people as I wouldn't want it to get too busy! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

'What Not to Wear' casting in NYC

Casting is currently underway for Season 10 of the make-over show 'What Not To Wear', and they are looking for women in New York City.  I received an email from the casting director who is looking for suitable candidates for the show:

"Casting is currently underway in the New York City Area for Season 10 and we would love to feature a woman with different or an outrageous sense of style who is in need of some MAJOR fashion intervention! In case you aren't familiar with the show, each episode Stacy London and Clinton Kelly SURPRISE a deserving woman whose wardrobe is calling for attention and needs to be updated with a complete makeover worth over $5000!....Oh, I forgot to mention that this person should not be aware they are being submitted... the makeover is a SURPRISE! :-)"
Martin Hardy, Casting Director 'What Not To Wear'

If you know someone you would like to nominate, all of the information you need is below:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spa Week October 2012

I just wanted to let you know that bookings are now being taken for October 'Spa Week'.  There are $50 treatments available at many spas across New York and now is the time to book.  I missed out during the last Spa Week, so I am getting in early this time!

Spa Week runs from 15th-21st October and to find out which spas are participating you need to sign up at

Saturday, September 8, 2012

South Street Seaport

It was my first visit to South Street Seaport and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found in the area.  It is full of shops and restaurants, with some tourist attractions and museums.  As it is located by the water  you can walk along the river and catch some great views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

We started out at Pier 17 which is home to a small mall with a food court, as well as a selection of restaurants and pubs.  On the pier there is an array of stalls and vendors and you can often catch street performers and entertainers.  The mall has a few familiar stores such as 'Express', 'Bath & Body Works' and 'Victoria Secret', but is mostly independent shops selling souvenirs and gifts.  There are some interesting stores in there though, so it is worth checking out.

We then headed inland to the Seaport Marketplace where you can find more shops and restaurants as well as the 'Bodies' exhibit.  If you explore the area further you will find cobblestone streets full of great places to eat and unique shops.  It's a lovely place to sit outside and eat, there are views to enjoy rather than sitting by the side of a busy road.  

At the weekends the 'Fulton Stall Market' runs along South Street between Fulton and Beekman Street. It is a great food market and you can often get free samples or try most of the food for sale.  They sometimes have live music and exhibits in addition to the food stalls.  Check out the website for more information

Some people think this area is too touristy, but I think it's great fun and well worth a visit.  New York can take itself a bit too seriously sometimes and I don't think there is anything wrong with being a tourist now and again. 

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