Wednesday, October 3, 2012

'5 Pointz' Graffiti, Long Island, Queens

I was visiting a friend in Queens today and she took me to the see this huge building completely covered in graffiti.  It is an amazing sight, a block covered from head-to-toe in graffiti art work.  There are some interesting and brilliant pieces on the building, I really liked some of the bigger murals and comic-book work.

When I got home I did a bit of Internet research and found out that '5 Pointz' is an aerosol art centre that uses a 200,000 square-foot factory building as it's canvas.  '5 Pointz' is so-called as it represents the 5 boroughs of NYC coming together as one, however people from all over the world have come to contribute to the "graffiti mecca".

'5 Pointz' Graffiti Centre

It is also a car park!
The graffiti centre is located on Davis Street, Long Island City and is easy to get to using the E, 7, M or G trains.  It is definitely worth checking out!  For more information visit

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