Saturday, October 6, 2012

David Blaine 'Electrified'

David Blaine started out as a street magician, but is now famous for completing some of the most crazy stunts imaginable.  He has been buried alive, frozen in a block of ice, starved himself in a suspended glass box and stood on a 100ft pillar for 35 hours.

When I found out that David Blaine was completing his latest illusion in NYC this weekend I really wanted to go.  His new stunt, 'Electrified', sees the magician standing on a 20ft podium surrounded by 1 million volts of electricity for 72 hours.

We headed to Pier 54 in the Meatpacking District and queued for just a few minutes before going inside.  It's free to get in and you can stay for as long as you like.  The electricity currents are extremely loud but you are given ear plugs to wear.

It was an amazing sight to see David Blaine standing in a ball of electricity.  It looked like a lightning storm and it was brilliant when he move the currents to music.  The audience were loving the show, cheering and clapping as he moved the currents and held different poses while volts of electricity came in and out of his body.

David Blaine 'Electrified'

He was wearing a special suit and visor and seemed happy as he was smiling and interacting with the crowd.  While we were there, a cage carrying two people went into the 'Electrified' area.  I'm not sure if they were part of the crew or audience, but David was chatting and joking with them.  I would have loved a go in that!

The cage lifting visitors to David Blaine
'Electrified' finishes on Monday 8th October at 7.30pm, so if you are in the city this weekend I would definitely stop by and take a look.  I am sure it is much more spectacular once it's dark, so it might be worth going in the evening.  If you can't go in person you can see everything as it happens live via 'You Tube' at

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