Thursday, December 6, 2012

'Dr Oz' Live Show Taping

I had so much fun at the 'Jeremy Kyle Show' live taping, I wanted to go and see something else.  I managed to get tickets for the 'Dr Oz' show which is filmed at the NBC studios by Rockefella Center.

A week or so before the taping they sent out an email asking for people to help Dr Oz on the show, and although I would have been too nervous, my friend jumped at the chance.  She was going to assist him on a segment and that meant we got to go backstage before the show!

We arrived at the studios and were greeted by a producer who checked us in and took us upstairs into the dressing room.  It was very exciting, there were lots of people rushing about preparing for the show.  Everyone was friendly and took the time to say hello and explain what would be happening during the recording.  My friend had a visit from wardrobe and then went into hair and make-up.  I stayed in the dressing room and tried some of the mini muffins and fruit skewers on offer, much better than the dry old bagel we got on the Jeremy Kyle show!

When it was time to start taping they took us into the studio.  The rest of the audience was already seated, so after the comedian warmed up the crowd, Dr Oz came out to start the show.  He was really friendly and said hello to the audience.  My friend said he put her totally at ease during her segment, chatting with her and making her feel comfortable. 

The show is taped as close to real time as possible and took about 90 minutes to record in total.  We were able to see most of the action, the cameras only blocked our view a couple of times, and it was a great fun.  At the end of the show Dr Oz came over to thank everyone for taking part and I got to shake his hand and say Hi.  As we exited the studio we were given a free gift and my friend received a Dr Oz mug for being a guest. 

I enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend you go if you get the chance, and definitely participate if they ask you!  That way you get the opportunity to go backstage and really see what goes in to making these shows happen.

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