Saturday, January 26, 2013

Falling in love again......well like!

As you know I have been suffering from NYC blues lately, but I have decided to focus on what I like about living here rather than being a misery! Over the past couple of weeks I have given it some thought and realise I have a lot to be positive about.

Since moving here over two years ago I have met some really interesting people and made some great friends.  I would miss them if I moved away, which I realise is part and parcel of being an expat-you are always going to miss someone!  I have spent some more time with my friends here lately and it has made a real difference to my outlook.

Also, I love volunteering and have become very attached to certain organisations in the city.  I am now a team leader with New York Cares and enjoy leading projects and making a difference to the community.  I really appreciate the ease at which you can volunteer in New York and have worked with some brilliant charities.  If you are looking to volunteer check out:
-New York Cares (
-Reading Partners (
-The Pajama Program (

Over the past year or so I have become extremely interested in health and fitness (my new blog New Girl New Lifestyle is a work in progress!) and living in New York gives me access to every kind of exercise class you could possibly imagine.  I take a wide variety of classes and have recently begun to practice yoga.  New York also has an abundance of health conscious restaurants which makes it much easier to follow a healthy diet.

Running in central park has always been one of my favourite things about living in New York and although it's a bit too cold for me at the moment, a run around the reservoir always makes me feel better.

Although I will always find certain aspects of NYC annoying, focusing on the things I enjoy has made a big difference to how I look at life in the city.  I don't quite "heart" New York, but I am liking it again!

P.S. Thank you @JCairnduff for all of your positive messages!

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  1. Hi New Girl!
    I've been sporadically following your blog over the past 1 1/2 years after finding you on BlogExpat.
    I totally understand your feelings on being tired of the City. I've been here since March 2010 and had my ups and downs - boy, have they been extreme! The rudeness really gets to me, as well. I just get extremely pissed off when someone is trying cut me off when getting in the subway or when store managers try to make a customer feel stupid. It's one of those things that most likely will never change in the Big Apple, let's face it. And honestly, after traveling to a few other spots, people in Vegas and Baltimore can be equally rude (just in a different way).

    You just have to focus on the positives and why you used to love New York. You already figured out most of it. I'd like to add that the possibilities in this city are ENDLESS and that you have so much potential for having a good time - everyone should envy you! You are able to write your very own future in this city and this is the main reason I am still here. I just cannot go back to a still and stable life in Europe...

    I hope you will have many more lovely Big Apple experiences and if you have to vent, just do it. It helps!
    Many hugs from Brooklyn!