Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paparazzi stalk Orlando Bloom

I have just seen the ugly side to celebrity as I watched poor Orlando Bloom being hunted like an animal by paparazzi on the streets of New York today.  My husband and I were strolling along 5th Avenue when a pack of photographers came running past us.  We looked behind and saw Orlando Bloom carrying his small son.  He seemed to be trying to get a cab to escape pack of 10+ photographers, but as is often typical in New York, there wasn't one to be found.  My husband tried to get him one too, but didn't have any luck either.

Then all of a sudden two of the photographers started fighting.  I'm not sure what happened, but they ended up in a full fist fight on the street!  I must admit it gave me great pleasure to see the paps turn on each other and give Orlando Bloom the chance to get away.

Unfortunately the respite didn't last long, and they were back hounding the actor after a few minutes.  I felt so uncomfortable watching them chase him up the street, especially as he was with his young son.  There was a general consensus from the people around that this was awful and that they should leave him alone.  How many shots do you need of someone walking up the street, even if they are a celebrity?

I have never seen anything like this before, and thought New York was a safe place for celebrities.  Generally New Yorkers are too cool to bother celebrities, but I guess the paps can go anywhere. After witnessing the paparazzi stalking Orlando Bloom today I think that they are awful people who are part of an ugly profession.  I don't buy or read the magazines that publish such photographs, and I will continue to avoid them at all costs after what I saw today.

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