Wednesday, September 4, 2013

South Street Seaport After Sandy

It was just over 10 months ago that Hurricane Sandy hit New York and many parts of the city are still recovering from the devastation caused by the storm.  One of the areas badly affected was South Street Seaport, which is right on the water in downtown Manhattan.  Many of the shops and restaurants were completely ruined, and the area was a no go zone for many months.

However, the area is slowing being re-built, and as I hadn't been there since before the storm, I thought I would check it out.  On arrival into the market place we saw that some of the shops and restaurants are still closed, but many are open for business.  Guess, Super Dry and Abercrombie and Fitch are all open, as well as a couple of the smaller independent stores.

They have also used shipping containers to create 'pop-up' retail space for smaller shops and coffee bars.  It actually looks pretty cool, and they had turned the top of the container into an outdoor bar and seating area which would be great on a nice day.  Unfortunately for us it was raining, so we didn't get the benefit of sitting outside with a coffee, or enjoying food from one of many interesting looking food vendors.

We did stumble across a great little cafe on Front Street called 'Made Fresh Daily'.  They serve all natural and organic food, and are open for breakfast, brunch and lunch.  They have an array of delicious cakes and cookie, which we sampled with a cup of coffee.  I enjoyed a mini cherry cup cake and my husband had a rather large oatmeal and raisin cookie, both of which were delicious.  The meals I saw being served looked great and there was a nice quiet atmosphere as people sat reading newspapers and chatting.  If you are in the area it is worth a visit, you can get more information at

After coffee and cake we strolled down towards the end of Pier 17 that used to house a small mall.  This was closed and boarded up, but there were some stalls and street vendors.  I think the weather had probably caused some to close, but there was more open than I had anticipated.

Although South Street Seaport isn't back to it's former glory, it is slowly, but surely getting there.  It is easy to forget that people and businesses are still suffering in the aftermath of Sandy, so I think it is important to support the growth of the area by paying it a visit.  For more information on the rebuilding of the Seaport, current openings and events, visit

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  1. Just came across your site - and because NY is one of my favorite cities I'm now following..............
    Great to know that businesses are starting to open up steps but New Yorkers are a special breed and they'll always come back stronger..........
    Hugs from Montreal