Wednesday, October 9, 2013

'Casa Pomona' - Restaurant Review

'Casa Pomona' is a Spanish style tapas restaurant located on the Upper West Side.  It originally opened last year, but due to a burst water main, was closed for 7 months.  I had tried and liked the restaurant before it closed, and was glad when it recently re-opened.

The restaurant it nicely laid out and decorated.  There is a bar a communal tables as you enter, and the main dining room is located at the back.  It is well spaced out, with plenty of room between tables and no one bumping into your chair as they walk by.

The menu is varied and has a good selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.  As well as traditional tapas they serve a paella, again they have meat, fish and vegetable, as well as main course dishes.  I don't eat meat, so it was great to see such a wide variety of dishes from which I could choose.

We started with the 'Pan con Tomate', which was basically spicy tomatoes on toast and was delicious.  We then order a variety of dishes that came out periodically when they were ready.  The 'Patatas Bravas' and 'Salt Cod Croquettes' were delicious, as was the leek dish.  We enjoyed the spicy prawns, but weren't too keen on the mussels as they are served cold and had an odd taste to them.  We also tried the vegetable paella, which was worth the 45 minute wait (if you order as soon as you arrive it doesn't seem that long) and was a great addition to the meal.

Although we were completely stuffed, in the name of research (yeah whatever!) we tried a portion of the 'Churro's' which were served with chocolate dipping sauce. Delicious!

The service was very good, the staff were welcoming and friendly and we were served at a nice pace throughout the meal.

I would definitely go back to 'Casa Pomona', even though dinner can get a little pricey.  Those small plates add up and $25 for the vegetable paella seemed a bit steep to me. Add wine and drinks and you are probably looking at $100 for two for dinner.  It was well worth it though, and writing this is making my mouth water which must be a good sign!

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