Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hangawi - Restaurant Review

This is one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants and I often take friends here as the decor is so different from anything else I have found in New York. On arrival you remove your shoes and walk through an authentic Korean-style dining room, which is quite impressive. You sit at sunken tables, so it feels like you are sitting on floor, which adds to the overall experience.

A friend and I went for lunch and were lucky enough to get one of the last tables This place always seems busy, so I would make a reservation to ensure you get a table.

I ordered the 'Mini Emperor's Lunch' which a four course prix fix menu for $22, which is good value. The first course was a traditional Korean pumpkin porridge, which I very much enjoyed. It was followed by the 'vermicelli delight', which was a tasty, hot noodle dish.

The main course was a vegetarian stone rice bowl served with kimchi. They make the bowl as spicy as you want, and I told them to use the entire serving of chili sauce. The rice bowl would have benefited from more vegetables, I didn't feel there was enough variety or quantity. Also, I would have preferred it to be even spicier, although I am sure they would have given me more sauce had I asked. The kimchi was alright, but again it could have done with more spice.

For dessert we were served a tofu and nut ice cream which was delicious. I don't know how they make it, but it is the best non-dairy ice cream I have eaten. It is worth the trip for the dessert alone!

The service is fine, it's nothing special but is quick and efficient. They did bring out the second course when my friend was still eating her first, but otherwise it was spaced out well.

I enjoyed the overall experince of this restaurant and will keep coming back for the excellent dining room and good food.  For more information please visit


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