Friday, March 14, 2014

Finding my rhythm with the cast of STOMP!

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with some of the cast from the hit show STOMP.  I volunteer at an after-school program in Hells Kitchen and they came to visit the children for a very special workshop.

The show is very unique in its concept as the performers use everyday objects to make music.  Anything goes, from brooms to basketballs, bin lids to match boxes, the creativity of the show is amazing.  Dance and theatrical performance are incorporated to make this a one of a kind experience.

Our STOMP experience started with a performance from the cast using only match boxes, followed by a clapping and stamping routine, throughout which the children could barely contain themselves.  It was brilliant!  We were then given an opportunity to ask questions and find out about the physical aspects of being a performer.  It was interesting to learn how grueling the show can be and what its like getting on stage every night.

Next, we were taught the opening sequence of the show and got a chance to do some stomping of our own!  It is as hard as it looks, and took us a good about of time to learn the first 6 bars.  The children loved it, they were so engaged and worked hard to master the steps.  We then split into two groups, each with our own STOMP performers, and learnt some rhythmic clapping.  We put the two sections together and practiced our routine.  It was so much fun with everyone cheering and clapping when we managed to get it right!

I was surprised at how physical it was, and by the end of the session we were all a bit sweaty and our hands hurt from clapping.  The cast must be extremely fit and talented to do that for nearly two hours per show, multiple times a week!

The afternoon concluded with the kids performing their new routine with the cast.  They were great, and you could see how excited and proud they were to be up the stage.  It was a wonderful afternoon, the cast were so friendly and made everyone felt like a STOMP performer for the day!

The children were clearly inspired by the experience as they spent the rest of the afternoon banging bins, tapping on tables and making up their own STOMP routines.  I think we may see a few of them on stage in the future…...

For more information on the show and to get tickets, go to

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