Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Living in a Snow Globe

This has been the worst winter I have seen in NYC since moving here over 3 years ago, and I think most people would agree that it's like living in a snow globe!  I have never seen so much snow and it seems that as soon as we get rid of one lot, another storm soon follows.  As we come into March I am hoping that we have seen the last of this arctic weather, but with snow showers forecast for next week it might be a while before I unpack my spring wardrobe.

Living in a freezing cold and snowy city can be annoying at times.  It takes forever to put on endless layers of winter clothes and very few people look glamorous in snow boots and giant coats that resemble sleeping bags!  Restaurants seem even smaller, as most places don't have cloakrooms, you end up sitting surrounded by piles of coats feeling even more squashed than usual.  It is also a nightmare trying to get anywhere as the snow makes travel much harder.  Add that to walking through endless piles of black mush and giant puddles, around huge piles of rubbish on the streets, and you can understand why New Yorkers hibernate for the winter.

That said, there is nothing quite like New York in the snow.  When it first falls everything looks magical, it's like living in a Christmas movie.  Even the ugliest aspects of NYC look better, the rubbish piled high on the road sides look like giant snowmen, and the city looks clean and white.  Over the past few months I have taken some snap shots of NYC in the snow and here are some of my favourite photographs.

Walking down Columbus Avenue from 81st Street

Entrance to the park behind The Natural History Museum
I also love walking through Central Park after it has snowed.  It is fun to watch people flying down hills on sleds and I always find it amusing to see people cross-country skiing in the city!

Central Park at dusk

Snow-covered trees in Central Park
Although I think New York looks great just after it snows, I am ready for the winter to be over and spring to arrive.  I just hope that it's not too far away!

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