Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beyond Sushi - Restaurant Review

Since becoming vegan I have really missed going for sushi.  I tried eating the same old veggie options they offer at most sushi restaurants, but after a while I lost the taste for cucumber and avocado rolls.  When I heard about 'Beyond Sushi', with its entire menu dedicated to vegan sushi, I really wanted to try it.

They have two locations, a tiny restaurant in Union Square and a take out counter in Chelsea Market. Yesterday I dragged hubby to the Chelsea Market location promising the tastiest vegan sushi he would ever have!

I haven't been to Chelsea Market for a long time and forgot how crazy busy it always is, especially at the weekends.  It was another shuffling situation as we fought our way through the crowds to find the restaurant.  'Beyond Sushi' has a great menu, with many interesting rolls, wraps, salads and individual pieces.  The use six grain rice and forbidden black rice in place of the regular white rice usually associated with sushi as it is much healthier and tastes better.

After perusing the menu we decided to order the La Fiesta, Sweet Tree and Spicy Mang rolls.  It was pretty expensive, $25 for the 3 rolls and a bottle of water, but I wanted to try a few different items from the menu. After a 5-10 minute wait our sushi was ready and we managed to find a corner of a communal table to eat.  The sushi was pretty good, it was flavorful and both of us enjoyed it.  It wasn't as amazing as I had hoped, but the sauces were tasty and there was a good level of spice in the rolls.  It was definitely a step up from any vegan sushi I have had previously, and my favorite was the Spicy Mang roll as it had a bit of a kick to it.

I would have enjoyed it much more had we been sat in a nicer environment.  It wasn't very relaxing eating with loud screaming kids and tourists who insisted on telling everyone they were 'out-of-owners'.  It was just too busy in there and unfortunately that over shadowed the food experience.  My husband couldn't wait to get out of there, so we quickly finished our food while other diners hovered over us waiting to pounce on our seats.  Hardly a relaxing meal!

Although I enjoyed the food from 'Beyond Sushi' I won't be rushing back as there is no where nice to enjoy the food.  If passing by I might get something to take home, but I doubt I'll make a special trip just to go there.  It is worth a visit if you live near by, but I would definitely avoid going at the weekend and try and take it somewhere else to eat if you can!

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