Friday, October 24, 2014

MOMA and The MET

In between packing, moving and the general upheaval of relocating back to the UK, I have been working hard to complete my New York Bucket List.  So far I have been able to visit both The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met).

I have wanted to visit both museums since I arrived, but I was especially excited to go to MOMA. I went on a rainy day with a friend and the place was packed.  Luckily I bought our tickets online, so we avoided that queue, but it didn't make much difference as it was so busy inside. There were so many people trying to view the exhibits that it made for frustrating viewing.  You had to shuffle from room to room trying to get a glimpse of the art work.  It was very annoying, and seeing 20 people pushing each other to take a photo of a tiny Dali summed up my experience.

There were some great pieces in there though, and the 5th floor was my favorite especially the Dali, Picasso and Monet works.  However, if I am honest, I didn't really get most of it!  I could pretend that I understood the fascination with blobs on the floor made of various materials, or an entire book written on canvas, or some sheets hanging from a ceiling, but I really don't.  I know many people will shake their heads at me, but I know what I like and I didn't like most of MOMA.  Perhaps if it hadn't of been so busy I would have appreciated it more, but overall I left disappointed.  Tickets for MOMA cost $25 and for more information visit

My visit to The Met was much more successful.  I went on a Sunday with my hubby and we were expecting it to be packed, but were pleasantly surprised when we didn't have to queue to pay for tickets and walked straight in.  My first impression was at how vast the museum is, there are so many exhibits and different things to see that it was almost overwhelming.  I wish I had spent a bit of time researching what to visit, as it is impossible to see everything in one day.  We walked around a bit aimlessly at first, but them stumbled upon the Egyptian Art section. It was brilliant.  There was so much to see and The Temple of Dendur was amazing.  We also enjoyed the Arms and Armor exhibits and the Greek and Roman Art.

We had lunch in the cafeteria which had options for everyone, although it was pretty expensive.  They had a decent salad bar, which was good for us vegans, as well a variety of food stations that included pizza, sandwiches, burgers and desserts.

I very much enjoyed my visit to the Met and would love to go back again as there is so much I didn't see.  As the museum is so big, the crowds disperse once you get inside making it much easier to look at the exhibits.  The suggested admission is $25, but you can pay what you like to get in.  If you are planning 3 or 4 short visits I would recommend making donations rather than paying the full price every time.  For more information visit

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